14 Şubat 2008 Perşembe

Summer Sarah

the mondrian hotel, west hollywood, ca
“Sarah?” you might ask. “Sarah,” you will have to repeat because I am still sightly hungover from what will likely go down in history as the least sober month of The Delicous Life by volume.

“Sarah, what is that in the picture?”

Obviously, it’s a pool, but you may be wondering where on earth that pool is, and how I managed a photograph of it from 12 stories above.

“Sarah,” you might guess. “Sarah, with all those chaise lounges and what looks like cabana boy service, is that – is that a hotel pool? Is that the pool…of a hotel?”

Chaise lounges. Cabana boys. Obviously, it’s a hotel pool.

Flying Bed

*A slanted floor

A room with a slanted floor which makes grandma's bed seem to fly. The wardrobe comes out of the wall, but the table has got to stay put! In the rustic bathroom of natural stone you will find eggplant-coloured slate.